Children KinoFest is an annual international festival of films aimed at children and teenagers, founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014.  The festival takes place at the end of May, and is held in various Ukrainian cities.
Rules & Regulations
The program's sections are as follows:
  • International Competition: 7 feature films from different countries for viewers older who are 10 years or older
  • Retrospective dedicated to the great cinematographers (CHKF-2014 featured Charlie Chaplin's short films, CHKF-2015 – three short masterpieses by Buster Keaton)
  • Short films selections for children 3 to 10 years of age
  • Interactive museum of optical amusements for kids and grown-ups.

Best film 2016 – Mancs (Robert-Adrian Pejo, Hungary, 2015) 

Best film 2015 – Felix (Roberta Durrant, South Africa, 2013)
Best film 2014 – Belle et Sébastien (Nicolas Vanier, France, 2013)